Arabella Advisors Launches 'From Idea to Impact' Podcast Series

New effort seeks to elevate the voices, stories, and insights of inspiring community changemakers and philanthropic leaders.

Arabella Advisors is thrilled to announce the launch of its new podcast series, "From Idea to Impact," inspired by the clients and partners the firm supports in its work daily. The podcast is built around conversations with changemakers across the country and around the world who are helping to turn inspiring ideas into life-changing impact.

A certified B Corporation, Arabella Advisors focuses on helping philanthropists, investors, and changemakers maximize their social and environmental impact, and the firm is committed to finding new ways to share stories of the important work its clients and partners are doing, as well as insights gleaned from that work. The podcast is an innovative way to share such stories, especially as a global pandemic continues to prevent people from gathering in person. 

"By employing the podcast medium, we aim to create a space for today's changemakers to talk candidly about their work, backgrounds, struggles, accomplishments, and hopes for the future," says Steve Sampson, Head of Marketing and Communications at Arabella Advisors. "Through their stories and insights, we hope to help listeners better understand the challenges, trends, and best practices powering impactful philanthropy today."

Through the podcast, the Arabella Advisors team hopes to help listeners connect (at least virtually) with some of the people who inspire them daily. It will explore why such leaders are so dedicated to the causes and communities they care about and reflect on their motivations, methods, and the obstacles they overcome. Each episode will place one such changemaker or community leader in conversation with a different member of the Arabella Advisors team.

The first episode features a conversation between chef, author, and community activist Tanya Holland and Arabella Advisors founder, Eric Kessler. Tanya has appeared on Bravo's "Top Chef", Food Network's "Melting Pot", and HBO Max's "Selena + Chef", and frequently contributes to the James Beard Foundation. Eric leads Arabella Advisors "Good Food" practice. During the episode, Eric and Tanya discuss her impact inside and outside of the kitchen and how food provides a lens into numerous other social issues, from racial justice to economic security. 

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