Durham Beats 12 Other Cities to Land Fifth Office of Philanthropic Advising Firm, Arabella Advisors

Area talent and quality of life are the top reasons for selection.

Arabella Advisors, a Certified B Corporation that provides guidance and support to the world's leading philanthropists and impact investors, has announced that the company is opening its fifth office in Durham, North Carolina in the second quarter of 2020. Arabella Advisors will open the Durham office with roughly 20 staff and aims to grow the office into one of the company’s largest.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Arabella Advisors also has offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. After considering 12 locations, Arabella Advisors chose Durham because it is a growing, livable, affordable, and sophisticated metropolitan area that provides a great opportunity to recruit from a diverse talent pool, including highly skilled technology and accounting talent. Last year, Fortune called the Raleigh-Durham area America’s third best city to work in.

Sampriti Ganguli, Arabella Advisors' CEO, explained: “The Raleigh-Durham area scores very high on all major quality of life indices, has excellent public schools, and a commute time half that of other major cities.”

Ganguli added, “With this new office, Arabella Advisors will expand our geographic footprint to better serve the broad community of philanthropists, attract new talent, and retain the exceptional talent driving the firm’s growth and helping our clients achieve their diverse social-impact goals.”

To support those clients, Arabella Advisors provides a wide range of advisory and implementation services, all designed to help foundations, corporations, and individual donors practice effective philanthropy and impact investing. Using networks and know-how built over 15 years in the field, Arabella helps clients turn inspiring philanthropic ideas into life-changing impact by engaging effectively with the right people, partners, and platforms to energize and empower their efforts.

For more information about the company, its new office, and the range of services it offers related to strategic philanthropy and impact investing, visit ArabellaAdvisors.com.

About Arabella Advisors

Arabella Advisors was founded in 2005 to provide strategic guidance for effective philanthropy. Since then, the company has evolved into a mission-driven, Certified B Corporation that has helped hundreds of clients increase their philanthropic impact through thousands of projects spanning the social sector. For more information, visit ArabellaAdvisors.com.

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