Arabella Advisors Adds Monique Mehta to Head Up ChangeWorks Services, Releases New Self-Reflection Tool

Monique Mehta, senior director, Arabella Advisors

Experienced philanthropy consultant to help lead Arabella's new 'ChangeWorks' service team

Arabella Advisors, an award-winning B corporation that supports effective philanthropy, announced today that Monique Mehta has joined the firm as a Senior Director. Mehta will lead the recently launched ChangeWorks team at Arabella, which helps clients and partners navigate critical transitions and get new programs off the ground. In conjunction with announcing Mehta's arrival, Arabella Advisors also published a new self-reflection tool, designed to help philanthropic organizations contemplate changes they may need to make in response to recent events. 

Over the past 15 years, Arabella Advisors has helped design, build, launch, and manage hundreds of nonprofit organizations and projects. This year, the Arabella team combined several core capabilities into a new suite of services called "ChangeWorks" to help clients and partners continue to grow and adapt in a year of unprecedented challenges. ChangeWorks offerings include organizational design and scenario planning, change management, budget development, equity enhancement, and more.

Going forward, Mehta will lead Arabella Advisors' ChangeWorks practice, working across the firm's full spectrum of individual, institutional, and corporate philanthropists and drawing on her more than 20 years of experience supporting foundations and front-line nonprofits. Prior to joining Arabella, Mehta spent nearly a decade managing her own consulting practice focused on a broad range of issues, including immigrant rights, domestic violence, gender justice, and worker rights. Most recently, she served as the project director for a two-year initiative for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

"Throughout my career, I've focused on helping organizations and change leaders advance impact by overcoming organizational challenges," Mehta said. "Joining the Arabella Advisors team is incredibly exciting, since it will enable me to pursue this personal mission with a new set of tools—including Arabella's new self-reflection tool, which the team was already hard at work on when I arrived."

Developed primarily with Arabella's foundation clients in mind, the new self-reflection tool is designed to help leaders think through changes that may be necessary to adapt processes and increase equity as many seek to "rebuild better" following COVID-19 and the events of 2020. 

"The Arabella Advisors team has created a tool and a set of services designed to help philanthropists navigate challenging times and better support the communities and causes they care about," said CEO Sampriti Ganguli. "Adding Monique to help lead this effort just deepens our ability to help, and we couldn't be more pleased to have her."

To download the self-reflection tool or learn more about ChangeWorks, click here.

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